Shrewsbury Machine & Gear, Inc. is a company built on the belief that customers need a quality product, good service and fast delivery times. Founded in 1973 primarily servicing the mining industry we’ve diversified and expanded to serve many industries including:

  • Power Generation
  • Steel Mills
  • Paper Mills
  • Oil & Gas Energy
  • Food & Beverage
  • Military & Marine
  • Mining
  • Heavy Equipment OEMs
  • Water Management

Our commitment to providing the best in class products has led to our continual investment in machine tools that allow us to produce gears that few companies can. Where other’s capabilities end, ours just begin. We are one of the most diverse machine shops in the nation and we've never met a gear we couldn’t rebuild or recreate.

With 70,000 square feet and over 35,000 gears in stock, we have industry-leading delivery times. Shrewsbury Machine & Gear is a company built on service and one that keeps customers worldwide in motion.

Although Shrewsbury Machine & Gear is best known for the manufacture of difficult to make gears, our capabilities don’t end there. We manufacture gearboxes, bearing carriers, sleeves, bushings, electric motor parts and hydraulic machine parts. If it’s a part that is needed to facilitate, enhance or control motion, we can manufacture it.

Shrewsbury Machine & Gear has also acted as the R&D department for inventors seeking design help and guidance. For a young inventor, we designed a device that today is used worldwide in brain surgery.


Winfred L. Shrewsbury left the employ of a local machine shop. Then in his 20’s he set out to manufacture the life he wanted and started by providing power transmission products to the mining industry. Our beginnings were humble in a little over 1,000 square feet on Beckley Rd.


13 Years after its start, the little building on Beckley Rd. could no longer house the growing enterprise. Shrewsbury moves to its current location, which was a fraction of its current size.


Shrewsbury continues to grow and undergoes a major building expansion. The company continues to add skilled staff and new CNC machine tools to meet growing customer demand.


Shrewsbury again has to expand their facility to accommodate growth. Also, during the 1990’s Shrewsbury does prototype work for a medical instrument inventor. This device would later be used in brain surgery around the world.


This time period saw Shrewsbury expanding into new sectors. Since its founding the company gained a reputation for their ability to machine difficult parts. Without company promotion and only through word of mouth, Shrewsbury experiences exponential growth.


Shrewsbury completes another 10,000 square foot addition to their facilities and continues to add state of the art CNC machine tools, increasing both their size and volume capabilities.


Shrewsbury continues to expand its machining capabilities with the addition of new pieces. We remain open during the COVID19 crises as an essential manufacturer.

Be apart of our


Shrewsbury Machine & Gear, Inc. is a great place to work. We’re always seeking skilled gear & CNC machinists. Come live and work in wild and wonderful West Virginia.